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today:  is sunny and the family are off at granny’s doing some tasks that require men and power drills while i prepare an amazing roast dinner and enjoy some writing time

want to be: overcoming

reading: my son got given a bunch of artemis fowl books a few weeks ago and i am loving them!  also reading Quiet by Susan Cain

listening to: Bryan and Katie Torwalt KINGDOM COME

looking forward to: face to face time with our Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE group next week!

blessings: seeing people step out and be who God has created them to be

thinking: about our upcoming young adults camp The Weekender in just under a month!

planning: The Weekender!

writing: housegroup session for this week about attitude, habits, vision and destination

loving: sunshine and columbus coffee mentoring sessions

grateful: for a really encouraging prophetic word last night at church


inspired by finding joy