“The problem [in that] is, all they had was chemistry. They didn’t know very much about relationships because they thought, ‘If I meet the right person, I don’t have to be good at relationships. They’re going to be good at relationships, that’s why they’re the right person.’ So they get together, get married, and then they have problems. Guess what kinds of problems they have? They have relationships problems, not chemistry problems. And they didn’t do anything to prepare for the relationship. They just thought love will keep us alive.”

“In children’s stories, if you can just get [the prince and the princess] together, the rest takes care of itself. Some of you are dating, and some of you are approaching relationships thinking like a child, reasoning like a child, talking like a child. And it’s time for you to put the ways of childhood behind and [realize] this isn’t about magically finding the right person – that’s fantasy … it’s not reality.”

~ Andy Stanley