i adore books. 

i am sure books is the 6th unwritten love language.  when i love someone, i give them a book.  when i am loved, i am given a book.  okay, so perhaps its a combo of gifts and words of affirmation…

but i sure love books.

and my husband loves books.  we are a book family.

we had to laugh though when we married and married our books together, filling a huge bookcase.

my books were all about revival and old dead guys who lived it.

tony had books about marriage and kids.

yes seriously.

for a long time the books i added were about leadership and evangelism, but over the past year i’ve added a bunch of really great marriage books to the case.  i must be maturing…


Some recommendations:

What Did You Expect? Paul Tripp

For Women Only / For Men OnlyShaunti Feldhahn

Sacred Marriage – Gary Thomas

Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage – Mark Gungor


Other recommendations: aka books i love!

PursuedJud Wilhite

Leading and Loving it by Lori Wilhite and Brandi Wilson

Kings Cross – Tim Keller

Sun Stand Still – Steven Furtick

Death by Love – Mark Driscoll

Unglued – Lysa TerKeurst 

Undaunted – Christine Caine



our bookcase is at capacity.  our hallway bookcase is overflowing.  i confess i covet those inbuilt floor to ceiling bookcases… sigh… that would make my heart happy…  i find our bookcase is also the central place for photos, keys, pens, rings, craft things, screwdrivers… its the whatever place… there are times i wish it was more organised (aka less cluttered) but it really is a snapshot of who we are and our heart…


What books do you love?

ps oh i wish that was my bookcase above….!