i am the woman at the well

i am the paralytic

i am thomas

i am peter

i am the woman with an issue of blood

i am the woman caught in her sin

i am blind man told to wash in the pool of silom

i am Barabbas

i am mary martha and lazarus

i am the lost sheep, the prodigal son


i am thirsty and rejected

i am crippled by fear

i am the one who doubts

and then denies

i am the one unclean

i am the one looking for love in all the wrong places

the one who doesnt know the way

i am the one guilty

the one dead on the inside

lost, alone


He is my Saviour

who filled my heart with grace and love

who set me free

who gave me faith

who gave me purpose

made whole

who invited me with grace

and gave me eyes to see

who made me acceptable and innocent, free


found, loved


inspired by I AM by chistopher glenn