i love Paul David Tripps tweets… @PaulTripp – always rich in 140 characters.  The following are some that i have favourited and retweeted.



It’s not okay to sin, but it’s also not okay to fail to see that sin through the lens of God’s forgiving and transforming grace.


To know that you will sin in some way today and yet to be assured that you are still accepted by a holy God can only be explained by grace.


For a sinner to stand before a holy and just God and be unafraid is the shocking fruit of grace.


Jesus work for you stands complete. You do not need to fear God’s punishment or his rejection because Jesus bore both on your behalf.


JESUS PAID IT ALL! So your obedience is never payment on a debt and your sin doesn’t increase the size of your debt.


God’s anger and his grace kissed on the cross and the result is forgiveness and life now and forever.


Grace met you at the point of your deepest need and keeps meeting you there again and again and again.


It’s not the size of your faith that is your hope , but the power of God’s amazing grace.


Could there be a greater joy than knowing you’ve been redeemed? Completely forgiven, eternally accepted, being made new.


It’s not your faith that is your hope, but God’s unstoppable, ever-present, right here, right now grace .


Your problem is not whether God will be faithful to his promises, but whether you will be faithful in trusting him.


The Gospel of Jesus Christ is radically humbling, radically hopeful and will radically rearrange everything in your life.


Grace is radical. It says radical things about you, radical things about God and offers you radical help that is found no where else.


Marvelous grace is what you need and marvelous grace is what you’ve been given. How about living like you really do believe it?


Obedience is not what gets you grace. No, it’s the evidence that grace has gotten you.


If you perfectly obeyed every command for a thousand years, you’d be no more accepted with God than when you first believed.


God, in grace, not only forgives and accepts you; he places you under new management. You no longer belong to you (2 Corinthians 5:15)


God knows everything from beyond origin to beyond destiny. You have limited years of sin-tainted human experience. Why debate him?


You were not accepted because what you did was good, but your acceptance has now called and empowered you to do what is good.