*** we’ve just had the most amazing church conference – amazing message, worship and encounters with the Holy Spirit, not to mention our own barista, a free lunch, great connecting time with people and a big reveal!


*** Session Four – Len Buttner

2 timothy 1:1+
Know who you are in Christ
Grace, mercy and peace be with you

Be a true worshipper of God
First commandment
We are crested to worship
If we dont worship Him we often worship idols

Have eyes to see and ears to hear
Stir up the gift
2 Tim 1:6

For God did not give me a spirit of timidity, intimidation but of love, power and sound mind

Allow the power of God to become evident

Trust God on what you step out on
Eg peter walking on water
Give away what you have
Your gifts are going to flow out of love
First commandment – love God
Carry the love of God

mind of Christ
God works through your mind
We agree with the work of God in and through us

Jeremiah 1:
God has a plan
Before we were born He preordained us – for such a time as this

Unless one is born again the will not SEE the kingdom of God Jn 3:3

Jer 1:5
I cannot
No excuses
You shall go to all I send you to
Whatever I command you you shall speak
Obedience always proceeded power and authority
Do not be afraid of them
Dont be shaped bu the world but be shaped by God
For I am with you to deliver you
Behold I have put My words in your mouth

I will have eyes to see
I will have ears to hear
I will speak His words

Look with intention of seeing

V10 I have set you in place
God has positioned us