*** we’ve just had the most amazing church conference – amazing message, worship and encounters with the Holy Spirit, not to mention our own barista, a free lunch, great connecting time with people and a big reveal!


*** Session Three – Paul Saunders

Is 54
Keep your antenna up
New visions and dreams
Phil 2:17
Like a stretched canvas that God wants to paint on
Be alert
Be leaning forward

God’s creative power isn’t like human creativity which expresses things and thoughts but He CREATES

And wants to partner with us

Jer 29:11
Partner with God in living out the plans
Create a future

Jacob – rested his head on The Rock
You can be at the lowest part of your life and have a dream
Family crisis, running for his life
God spoke to him

Luke 24:15 road to Emmaus

You need more than just horizontal communication
Jesus stepped into the conversation
You need vertical communication

God is not out of touch
God understands what is going on in our lives
He has perspective

"Are you the only stranger in jersualem and have no idea what is going on?"

They began to talk to jesus about Friday

But its sunday
But they’re talking to jesus about friday, the day when everything went wrong

It could be friday on your world right now but sunday is coming

God talks to you from the perspective of Sunday – from the perspective of resurrection

Friday is your glory day
It was when jesus was champion
This is your finest hour
God sings songs of victory over you
Zeph 3:17

When you look forward into the future what do you see?

Your hearts cry is a place of great potential
Great hope or great pain
Hope deferred
Abraham – paint a new picture, look up at the stars, a new perspective

Man does not live by bread alone but by every word that comes from God
Have vertical conversations

Sometimes you’re having a conversation by yourself and your future is robbed by a wrong conclusion
Robbed by what you believe and think
You can come to a conclusion and think you have 20/20 vision but really you’re blind

You need jesus to step in
You need another picture