*** great message this morning by Pastor Peter @ The RIver!



Philippians 2:1-
Four rivers that flow into  your life and out of your life


Inflow : We receive from God

Fellowship of the Holy Spirit

Outflows :

Maintaining the love
United in spirit
United in purpose


God does what He pleases, He does what brings pleasure to His heart



Give courage to someone
Para – to walk beside
Klesis – to call forth
Jesus walks beside us and calls forth the things that are to come

Consolation / comfort
Helps us right here
Muthas – to speak to
Paramuthas – to journey with you right where you are now

Fellowship of the Holy Spirit
Analogy of cell phone
Be open to the Holy Spirit

God loves you
God likes you

I want to live a wide life on a narrow path. – brain houston

Outflow : Flows through us from God

Be likeminded
WE have the mind of Christ – together, not individual
If we want to walk in the power of Christ we have to have the mind of Christ
As we hear jesus speak to us we believe and step out
Likemindeness is not conformity to each other but to God

Maintaining the love
Lovers will out perform workers all the time – mike bickle
Guard your heart
Guard your love
When we strip away everything you are DOING for God – how is the love?
You can only love others to the degree that you are loved by God

United in Spirit
Attitudes are really catchy
What attitude do you release?
Ps 133

United in purpose
United in what we are doing



Let the river flow in
Let the river flow out