*** we’ve just had the most amazing church conference – amazing message, worship and encounters with the Holy Spirit, not to mention our own barista, a free lunch, great connecting time with people and a big reveal!



*** Session Two – Len Buttner

Lets honour the Lord in everything we do and say

We’ve got something unique to give the world

Unmerited favour – grace

Peculiar people:
When we’re weak we’re strong
We go down to go up
We hear the inaudible
We go to heaven based on the virtue of someone else
We die to live

2 cor 3:18
We are being changed
Give the glory away

Is 64:1-3
Its time for the bride to be awakened

Push into for the presence of God
His agenda not our agenda or methods
We are only custodians of the church
The church belongs to God

Psalm 97
What mountain is in your way? they melt like wax!



What hinders us?

  • Is 59:1-2
    Humble yourself and repent
  • Lack of faith
    Jn 11:40
  • We dont ask
    Jms – we have not because we ask not



What will distinguish us? HIS PRESENCE
From moses – show me your glory



What we need: what brings the presence of God ?

  • unapologetic and uncompromising preaching
  • worship
    Is 42:8 – no idols
    Jn 4: the hour is here where true worshippers will worship in spirit and truth
    2 chron 7: God is good and Hos mercy endures forever
  • prophecy
    1 cor 14
  • healing
  • unceasing persistent prayer
    Jer. 33:3
    Call to me
    I will answer you
    Great and unknowable things
  • have a bold witness
  • have the fragrance of God
    Leading to life



Are we truly dedicated to God?