What would your life look like if you realized the unlimited love and grace and backing you have by God?  You following Christ will not always look the same as someone else following Christ. Why on earth would He have bothered to form you in your mother’s womb with your own DNA and life experience ahead just to copy what someone else you’re seeing is doing? Who would you be if you loved Jesus with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength? That’s what you’re meant to look like.  // Beth Moore

Imagine that person you dream of being.

Imagine, how does SHE go about her day?

What does the pattern of her life look like?

What are passions and priorities does SHE have?

How does SHE express and experience her vision?

What does SHE say about herself?


Now – go be her.

Be that woman.


“Remember, “Superwoman” is a media myth, so take the pressure off and go after being a Supernatural woman. She can have and do God’s “all” because she has put on the yoke and carried the burden of Christ, and not her own”. Christine Caine


Today you don’t have to be a superwoman – you can be you – on the journey, living today to the fullest, living today in the grace of God, living today significantly.

Today you don’t have to be everything to everyone – you are who you are.  there is no mould you must squeeze into.  there are no expectations.  embrace that person.  be who Jesus calls you to be.

know who you are – but most importantly, know WHOSE who are!


Today you are not a prisoner of your past or of limiting words – you are free by the power of Christ – you are called into victory by the Victorious King.


Today the unlimited resources of God are at your disposal as His all surpassing power dwells within us – so that HE is glorified.


Today we have a choice to magnify Him by trusting in His words and His promises.

Imagine believing everything God has spoken to you, whispered over you.

God says SHE is loved.  He says SHE is called.  SHE is my daughter.


Imagine living out those promises with confidence and faith, despite the fear and fragility.

Imagine beyond the boarders of today.

Now – go be her.

Be that woman that God says you ARE.

Loved.  Chosen.  Called.  Empowered.  Kind.  Gracious.  Able.
Loving.  Forgiven.   Self Controlled.  Peaceful.  Cherished.


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