HP 18

*** we’ve just had the most amazing church conference – amazing message, worship and encounters with the Holy Spirit, not to mention our own barista, a free lunch, great connecting time with people and a big reveal!


*** Session One – Peter Morton (Pastor of The River Christian Church)

God of the impossible
Know the beauty and significance of your uniqueness
Be like that as people and churches

Matt 17:1+ Jesus Transfigured

Its not about containing God but walking with Him

Be lovers of Jesus more than the programmes and framework

Ez 40-46, 47
Follow the river, don’t stay with what is familiar (the temple)

Walk and trust what we may not see with eyes but by faith ie Israelites followed cloud not go back to the mountain

Following the cloud was moment by moment

As much as it costs to follow Him it will cost you more to not follow Him

Take the step, follow the cloud