Illuminate 7

a friend of mine wrote this as her fb status today… i thought it was AMAZING!


Really interesting dream last night. I was looking at all these layers of things such as fire, stones, steel etc. There were many layers and at the very top was a crown. I cried out "Lord, what does it mean?" and suddenly Claire McLean appeared and started talking. She was giving a message at The River and talking about how the world gives crowns of thorns but God gives us crowns of life (It made me think of the verse: ‘He gives us beauty for ashes’). She said how we need to take off the crown the world gives and put on the crown God gives. I could see myself taking off this cloth band that went around my head like a headband (other people were doing this too) which had all these spikes which were like little needles on the inside sticking into my head. While Claire was up the front a lot of other people from The River were up there singing and dancing with her in between the bits of her spoken sermon. Then she talked about how God gives us seeds (here my sister and I were planting some in the ground) and how if they’re not called (such as God calling them forth) then they don’t germinate (I saw one seed in the ground sleeping that wasn’t called and so wouldn’t wake up). Very interesting dream!



might pinch some of it for my preach at the end of the month…!

(i am talking about Lazarus so some of it fits!)