rosa parks

on friday our bible in schools lesson was about participation and community and about doing the right thing even when its hard… and rosa parks was our biographical role model… the kids were amazed that she was a real woman!  evangeline has been talking almost non stop about her.  precious!  i confess though talking about racial equality and prejudices and past injustice is quite tricky!



we spent part of our weekend at friends playing cards – 500.  i confess i strongly dislike calling in 500.  but when i do and it pays off, i love it!  it always takes me a few hands to figure out how to play the game again but is so much fun!  a good game is a fast game!



05/09/2013 - San Francisco (USA,CA) - 34th America's Cup - Final Match - Opening Press conference - Dean Barker (Emirates Team New Zealand)

this sunday saw the beginning of the americas cup.  i confess i am not into yachting – at all.  but my boys are.  tony and caleb got up early to watch the race and have been following the LOUIS VUITTON CUP.    caleb’s class watched some of mondays race at school.  they’re getting excited!

we learned this super cool piece of information about Dean Barker – i love how he is CREATED for this purpose!

Dean Barker Sees A Different Game: Barker sees all of that, and more. While some in the world can’t chew gum and walk a straight line at the same time, Barker can instantaneously take in the position of the mark, the instrument data that tells him the flight of his wing sail catamaran, the wind conditions coming down the course, the position of his speedster on the racecourse with regards to the boundary and his competitor, and the action being performed by each crewmember.

Barker has a recognition ability that allows him to take in large amounts of data in snap shot instances, process it all and make split-second decisions. More than just great hand-eye coordination, Barker has an ability that was discovered during an eyesight check for Team New Zealand’s 2003 America’s Cup defence.




i love being part of Leading and Loving It… we had our first ConnectLIVE group hangout last week – wonderful to be part of a group of women in ministry with the same heartbeat – loving Jesus and loving His people – lost and found!  This week on wednesday kiwi time at 11am L&LI have a free web conf about NAVIGATING RELATIONSHIPS – it is focused on women in ministry but it has lots of gems and stuff that i think would translate to any women because we’re women and they’re women…. its free to register!

Leading and Loving It is a fantastic ministry that encourages and inspires (and challenges) women in ministry – be it pastors wives, mission wives, kids pastors, youth pastors, whatevers (like me!) – through their awesome blog, through web conferences and i think most importantly, through relationships.

“When women in leadership join arms and hearts together, there is no limit to what God can do through prayer, personal experience and mutual purpose!” L&LI

Leading and Loving It is passionate about providing relevant resources for pastors’ wives and women in ministry and leadership. While many women feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and unprepared, we believe that you can thrive – loving life and ministry. It’s our desire that you would feel confident as you embrace your calling. Because of this desire, we are committed to providing resources that equip, encourage, and challenge you. // from L&LI EQUIP


and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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