happy fathers day to antonio – you’re the best dad ever and i love watching you hang with the kids and do life with them.  i love the way they learn from you and the way you pray with them.  i love how they snuggle into you while watching tv and how you’re always ready to help them in the adventures of their life.  i love how you make time to go on field trips and drop in to watch caleb play for the school teams, how you serve on the BOT at school and how you cook their favourite dinner, how you drove the train at the manx society train day (and broke it) and how you love us all completely.




happy fathers day to my dad – thanks for always loving us and giving us wise advice – like how to make the best roast ever.  thank you for all the encouragement at the right times, for always been there when i ring tearfully (car accidents, friends dying, being robbed) and how you make the kids laugh.  thank you for sending us annies fruit leathers and all the other things that show you love us.  they mean heaps.

happy fathers day to my brother- you rock and i’m so proud of you.

and thinking of the great dad alan was to tony and to us – missing him today, our 2nd fathers day without him.  he was a man of prayer and wisdom.