today: evangeline is sick… not sure if its a bug or allergy related… i’m soooo not good with vomit

want to be: drawing closer to Jesus

blessings: i got real mail today!  i won a copy of Leading and Loving It by Brandi Wilson and Lori Wilhite and it arrived today, beautifully presented with love! 

thinking: about our Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE group starting this tuesday (for me! Monday night for most of the group).  i’m really excited about what God is doing to do in our group and why He has brought us 12 women together for such a time as this!  yay for technology that despite distance and even time zones we can join together to share and pray and encourage each other to go hard after God, to serve Him and build His Kingdom.

planning: bible in schools lessons for the rest of the term

reading: back over things i’ve written on my blog and i’m not sure if its odd or not, but i’m encouraged by what God is saying to me through what i’ve said (is that odd?)

listening to: Glorious Ruins by Hillsong – loving this album!  and my son has developed a fondness for Mumford and Sons so yay spotify – we’ve been having a blast!

writing: posts for a new adventure

loving: how our family pulls together

grateful: for a husband not freaked by vomit or freaked by a wife that doesnt do well with it


inspired by finding joy