worship reinforces what matters most,

reminds us of truths we forget

and renews our desire to live what we believe.  Rick Warren


worship reinforces that what matters most is seen in the light of eternity, grace and love

that i am created to love God and be loved by Him

that i am a child of God, my life finding purpose in my relationship to Him, my Father

that He is greater

that He is good

that His heart is kind

that He is powerful, eternal, faithful, mighty

His Word will remain, His promises are unshakeable and unfailing



worship reminds me of the truth that i so easily forget

that He loves me

that His ways are good and great

that i can trust Him

that He holds the universe in His hands and that nothing is impossible for Him

that He is greater

that He is good




worship renews my desire to live to know Him and make Him known

i fall in love all over again

amazed and awed and His power and grace, His love and His kindness, His justice and might

it renews my desire that others also know Him

that they encounter Him for real



in worship i hope, i am free

i hear His voice

He guides me and leads me, restores my soul




some of my favourite worship songs that remind me how BIG and AWESOME God is are:








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