I am buzzing with excitement and expectation – next week my Leading and Loving It ConnectLIVE group begins! 

Leading and Loving It is a fantastic ministry that encourages and inspires (and challenges) women in ministry – be it pastors wives, mission wives, kids pastors, youth pastors, whatevers (like me!) – through their awesome blog, through web conferences and i think most importantly, through relationships. 


“When women in leadership join arms and hearts together, there is no limit to what God can do through prayer, personal experience and mutual purpose!” L&LI


Leading and Loving It is passionate about providing relevant resources for pastors’ wives and women in ministry and leadership. While many women feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and unprepared, we believe that you can thrive – loving life and ministry. It’s our desire that you would feel confident as you embrace your calling. Because of this desire, we are committed to providing resources that equip, encourage, and challenge you. // from L&LI EQUIP


Over the past year i have been blessed to be part of a ConnectLIVE group (formerly known as Virtual Community Group VCG) which has so blessed me and stirred me to step out and step up.  Each month we would meet online – me in summer, them in winter, me in the day time, them at night, me on tomorrow, them on today – oh how time zones are funny – and it was one of the highlights of that month.  sometimes exactly what i needed to hear was said in that group.  what i needed to say and share was said and shared to that group.   it was just so wonderful also knowing that whatever i was facing that i could be real and raw if i needed to be, and that i could shout out for prayer and know they would pray. 


Our awesome VCG leader Liz Sarno has stepped forward in her other adventures with Relevant Church and so this year i’ll be taking on the challenge and blessing of hosting my own group.   i have 4 others from the previous group staying with me and a whole bunch of new awesome women! 


The ConnectLIVE groups are made of up to 12 women that meet once per month via Google+ Hangouts. We connect to support, equip and cheer each other on in our various ministry roles.

I confess I’m really nervous but also really excited – i know that God has brought this specific group of women together “for such a time as this” and despite distance and demographics and dreams we all have one passion, to know Jesus and to make Him known!  I know we’ll laugh together, maybe cry and definitely pray and talk ALOT!  There is something about getting a group of women with a common heart together, who can relate to each other, and “get it” that creates community.  and community gives courage and compassion to live out the call of God on the good and not so good days.


If you’re a women in ministry i encourage you – check them out – join a group – watch the JUSTONE Conferences – be encouraged and inspired to live out who God has called you and wired you and empowered you to be!


for more info on my ConnectLIVE group see HERE: