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 P1250783 P1260474 999_10151277754434258_1846207102_n 24602_411454724257_536149257_5148043_5837692_n    big mouth claire and evangeline princesses copy  EVANGELINE  old 33 P1110561 P1150170   P1170780 P1200153   P1220171 P1230030  P1230217


okay that is a lot of photos!  sorry!  i so love our girl! Evangeline is delightful – there is no other word that so aptly describes who she is.  and it is a word that God gave me for her when she was 1 day old.  she snuggled into my shoulder and He said, “she is delightful.” and she is.  She loves ballet, singing, reading, writing, telling jokes and jesus.   today she is 8.  – we love you darling girl!