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**** i read this great conversation “somewhere”… yes, i cant remember where, and i grabbed these quotes because they made sense to my own definition of what i think community is and how it grows…  so whoever hosted this chat discussion about it… thanks, and sorry i cant credit you! poor form!


— we then define community as this:
When crisis hits, who would you call?
Who would you die for?
Who would die for you?
Who is asking you the hard questions?
Who is encouraging you in life?
Steve Cuss


I think it also important to think about what you are expecting community to look like. If you expect community to be about connecting with your best friends for life, then we probably will end up being disappointed or left expecting something more. Community is just messy at times. Sometimes we do make friends for life, other times we struggle even wanting to see that person another week.

In a small group, you are going to typically spend time with people that are very different than you and often people that are challenging to love and connect with. Yet, this is part of community – learning how to relate, interact, and most importantly love others that we might not typically "hang out" with or spend time with. Loving others is the mark of discipleship according to Christ, and I think a major part of group life and community. The point is that we need to connect with people to grow. Sometimes the more difficult relationships we encounter in groups are the ones that help us grow the most.


Earlier in 09 Starbucks used the slogan "Life happens over coffee". I loved that concept because it captured the spontaneity of community. If a small group system creates opportunities for people to potentially share life through common passions and side by side service, it is great thing. The catch is how we measure the success of the system . . . Is success the number of people who attend? Is success the depth of the bible study? Is success the quality of the relationships between every group member? Does every church member even need to be in a group? Or is success in small groups simply the conversations that happen outside of them, over the phone, over breakfast or over coffee between two or more people that spur us to deeper love for God and each other? You can’t plan it or predict it, but it is a noble cause to create environments with the potential to lead to such connections. Aaron