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over the holidays we babysat a guinea pig.  her name is lily.  she was very shy at first so we had lots of quiet time looking out caleb’s window “lily spotting” and then trying to too be too loud or exuberant when she came out!  we were very diligent in feeding her and cleaning her hutch.  great family bonding experience.  and lily survived!  phew!




tony and i were blessed to go on a hot date the other night.  we went out first for tea (okay that is really all i can have apart from soda and it really was too cold for a cold drink!) at a local cafe and then onto the Monterey theatre in howick to Wolverine in 3d.  was great.  not much 3d stuff but still a great action movie.  i like my heroes a bit raw and rough and though i hadnt been super pumped for it, i really enjoyed it.  at the end the credits began to roll and everyone got up and left any tony and i sat.  apparently its some marvel thing.  they have “super secret insider knowledge” at the end.  and they did.  i dont know if that was the buzz moment for me of the movie and the night or not…





“Your dream and visions are attached to a process.”  Banning Liebscher

“Leaders are developed in the process.”  Zack Curry

“What’s the assignment right in front of you and are you giving yourself fully to it?”  Banning Liebscher

“Rushing the process never works”  Kim Walker-Smith March

Jesus Culture is passionate about equipping leaders. So they’re releasing monthly leaderships podcasts to do just that! http://www.jesusculture.com/podcast

they’re funny and informative – starting off with banter and then moving into a mini message and life stories.  wisdom from those DOING it!  i also love that at the mo they have a YOUVERSION 30 day bible plan in John and Acts.  our whole family are reading in John at the mo and even with the kids we’re using the discussion questions.





Is This Love or Infatuation? by START MARRIAGE RIGHT is a great article that popped up on fb that i’ve been using as reference/encouragement etc with our housegroupies (young adults)

“I learned a few truths about relationships and dating in that not-so-fun, watching-everybody-else-have-relationships waiting period, specifically some of the differences between love and infatuation:

Infatuation… short-lived, heightened passion or admiration for another person

Love… a long-term commitment to a real person, whether passion is present or not

Infatuation… often sparked by physical attraction and stays there

Love… cares for the physical but more importantly the emotional well being of another

Infatuation… you often see that person through rose coloured glasses

Love… you clearly see that person’s flaws, imperfections and brokenness

Infatuation… often self focused- what can he or she do for me?

Infatuation can certainly be the stepping-stone to love but eventually you should transition from illusions and ideals about that person into raw truths and facts so you can clearly see whether that person is marriage material—resonating with you in his or her worldview, convictions, values, beliefs, character, and more. Being able to understand the differences between infatuation and love is a big deal. “



and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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