mentoring monday 

Creating the right context and culture for developing leaders is as important as any of the best practices and leadership theories you can ever learn. Jesus illuminates this truth for us, particularly in his relationship with Peter.

Peter would continue to make messes during Jesus’ ministry and slow things down.

  • Peter started to walk on water only to sink and need Jesus to bail him out (Matt. 14:30).
  • Luke tells us that Peter didn’t know what he was talking about when he awkwardly offered to throw together some tents for glorifying Moses and Elijah (Luke 9: 33).
  • Peter tried to override Jesus in washing his feet, and then reversed course and actually asked for Jesus to give his hands and head a cleaning as well.
  • Peter tried to take on the Roman army and cut a soldier’s ear off (Matt. 26:51).
  • Peter disowned Jesus and denied his leader in his darkest hour (Luke 22:54–62).

But in all these messes were lessons that Jesus used to make Peter into the man who would preach at Pentecost and lead the early church. Developing leaders was not a back-up plan for Jesus but was in the DNA of his short season of ministry. He was incubating leaders to further the mission. Peter was a mess. I am a mess. And you are a mess. But it is in the mess that Jesus makes leaders.


Creating a church leadership culture that embraces the mess will in large part determine the quality and types of leaders you produce.

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