last week i was thinking about all the hats i wear, all the roles i fill, the opportunities present in my life, all the people and groups i belong with

and reading over it again i feel such a full heart

that i am privileged to belong to such an amazing family, an amazing church, an amazing group of friends

these people and places weave who i am

they are the fabric that make up my life

i belong to them and they belong to me

they have made their home in my heart


but the most important place i belong is with God

He first and foremost defines who i am, where i belong

He fills my heart with His belongingness so that other people and places aren’t being used to compensate for lack

@timkellernyc If we are created by a creator then we are made to think everything in terms of relationship with him. That’s where you’ll find joy.


i belong to jesus

my life is not my own

@JudWilhite We need to remember what Jesus did because it defines who we are. #Revelation

He gave everything that i might be set free

that i would be made new, holy, innocent

that i would become family and belong with Him, to Him