i love this simple practical list of dealing with stress… (thanks GOOD HEALTH NZ) okay you might not find me dancing, but you will find me talking, sleeping, focusing on what i can control, eating well, being grateful and looking at the big picture.  i’m a big advocate of looking after your “temple” so that you can then live life to the max and be fully functional and thus flexible to the things God wants to do through you.  when i am stressless i am more open to the nudges of the Holy Spirit.  when i am refreshed and overflowing i am able to minister more effectively.  now hear me here – this doesnt discredit the “when i am weak, He is strong” (2 Cor 12) but it does involve partnering with God in stewarding our life.  burn out happens when we live at accelerated stress levels.  i want to burn ON, not out! 

when we’re mentoring tony and i often ask questions about healthy living habits – sleep, eating, iron levels etc. 

so, are you taking care of your temple?