**** church notes from an awesome message by Pastor Peter @ The River this morning


John 4
Being continually filled and empowered in season and out of season

Living water
In him a spring of water welling up to eternal life

When this happened Jesus was on His way somewhere
Samaria isn’t the destination – it was on the way

"When I arrive God can use me"

Its not just about the destination but about the on the way, every moment, where ever, who ever. Not just Sundays etc. Not just spiritual zones. Live it out all the time in your real life.

Jesus wants to invade your normal life
You’re not of the world
You represent Jesus in the world

Have something to give. The world needs the power of God.

He is just as interested in moving in your lives on the way, in your ordinary lives

Samaria = bad
Stepped out of Jesus’ usual zone and even people group
Jesus was surrendered and obedient at all times

Jesus was sitting in a place of great contention – Jacobs well in Samaria – and stepped out

Jesus is tired. Jesus sat and the disciples went shopping.
Despite feeling weak Jesus stepped out and was used by God. Because he was obedient a woman and town got saved.

Jesus only did what he saw his father doing

Living water
The power of God remains constant
His power is not dependant upon my power

V13 will never thirst
Becomes a spring in us
Living water
Moving water as opposed to tank water
I will give you a spring

Jacobs well – historical significant – a place where God had moved powerfully on behalf of his people

Religion will not satisfy. Its like having to come back to the well, week in, week out.

If you drink the water God gives you will have a spring within. Christ in you. The kingdom of God is inside you

Rev 22:1

The tree of life has its roots in the river of life

Psalm 1

Be planted by the river

All the time we’re connected to the river 24/7 living it

Dual fuel
We have our own strength
And God
His power sustains and enables
Our body humanity switches back to our own tank… switch to His, its a river that never runs dry


How do we live out of Gods power?

1 we walk by faith

1 move put of our strength
2 move into his strength by faith
Not just a get to end of ourselves and then freak out and give up
Eg illustration of hand powered hairdryer. It was never designed to function that way

You cant power your life in your own steam. Plug into the true power source.

Faith acts.

2 let the inward reality affect the outward reality
Eg joy peace etc
Out of Gods never ending strength

3 every day we start fresh

We are supernatural
Jesus is supernatural