My dream for you is that you will wake up each morning, look at yourself in the mirror, love from the heart the person you see, always strive to be your unique self and take a positive attitude into every day.

My dream for you is that you will build your life on strong foundations so that you will be able to withstand the inevitable storms of life and remain a positive person.

My dream for you is that you will dare to dream big dreams, set realistic and measurable goals, fail sometimes, but remain determined to conquer adversity and to discover, develop and use your special gifts and talents to bring about a better community, a more caring society, a more compassionate world.

My dream for you is that you will often take time out to reflect on your progress, to visualise yourself ten years from now as a happy, proud, yet humble person, content with life, continually placing the interests of others before your own.

My dream for you is that you will discover the meaning of true love; that you will sensibly risk entering into positive and meaningful relationships with others and that your life will be wonderfully enriched as a consequence.

My dream for you is that you will remember that you are a beautiful person both on the inside and the outside; that you have potential greatness within you and that, as you leave your footprints on the sands of life’s journey, many will walk positively after you, striving to emulate all that you achieve as a positive person of influence.

My dream for you is that you will continually remind yourself that you are a very special person in God’s eyes and that you will discover during your life’s journey His unique purpose for placing you on this planet.

My dream for you is everything that you can positively wish for yourself!
by Robin Cox // MENTORS DREAM


**** don’t you just LOVE that!