today: my son was meant to play soccer, but its being postponed which is good because it is wet and cold and i wasnt looking forward to the cold toes and nose as much as i love to watch him play!  so today i am at home, rugged up and warm, writing my message for sunday night

want to be: hearing what Jesus is saying more and more – aware of His heart and passions

blessings: my wonderful family who bring me much joy

reading: as usual i am reading about 3 books at once… including Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage by Mark Gungor, Hold Me Tight by Sue Johnson and Pilgram by Sara Douglass.  the first two are “research” ministry books i am reading as a housegroup / women’s ministry leader (and okay, i’m loving them for my own life too!) and the Sara Douglass is a sci fi-ish genre for fun

listening to: spotify is my friend… some new Hillsong, multiple versions of Spirit Break Out and Phil Wickham

thinking: about some opportunities that have opened up… incl being asked to be a bible in schools teacher at my kids school… praying about that one

planning: my daughters 8th birthday party

writing: sundays message – from Mark 2

loving: jesus

grateful: for His grace and wisdom


inspired by finding joy