loving glorious ruins… i brought it for a friend and confess i have been youtubing/spotifying/whatevering it since then – loving the sound and the lyrics!  i think my favs so far would be Anchor, Man of sorrows (which they did as a free EP some time back) and Where the Spirit of the Lord is and Glorify your name…  i think Hillsong get better with age – every album i’m enjoying more and more!  there are some great worship anthems on here that just make my heart look up and glorify God!   i’m thinking of adding both Glorify your name and Where the Spirit is to our the best housegroup in the world worship playlist…


Timothy Yap from BreatheCast  says: “"Glorify Your Name" is this album’s lodestar.  Co-written by Morgan with worship music’s biggest names including Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, Jason Ingram and Ed Cash, "Glorify Your Name" is a twenty first century "How Great Thou Art."   This record again quiets the myth that Hillsong Live is all about hype.  Rather, they are a talented faith-filled worship band that believes that even after our lives are blown into smithereens, we will still rise again from our ruins.  Such resurrection comes not from the outflow of our goodness or our strength.   Rather, it is a testimonial to the death-defying power of our glorious and resurrected Christ.”


Louder than the Music say: There aren’t many Christian bands that make the world stop and listen when they release a new album, but Hillsong are one of them. They are about to release their newest live recording, titled ‘Glorious Ruins’.    This Hillsong album is rich with creative music, strong anthems and great lyrics that will get the listener closer to God, and that’s the main purpose of any worship album. I found myself at times washed afresh in times of worship that left my soul cleansed and ready to go out and change the world.” 



hillsong1 0hs

hillsong, yes again.  last week they had their hillsong conf and streamed it live around the world. for free.  timetable wise it didnt really fit into my week but the few sessions i did see were very powerful.  td jakes (i’d never really seen him before, except on dr phil) is one of the best preachers i think i’ve ever seen.  he crafted his message with skill, precision wordsmithing and passion that was impressive to watch.   and more importantly, God was speaking. 

loved the pastors master class, around the table, talking about pastoring, life, church etc… i’d just like them to know though, that i go to the best church in the world.  i did love their unified heart and it says a lot that you can get the “top pastors” in a nation around a table to talk about building the Kingdom of God.  beautiful just to watch even without the incredible content.



Ara Tai_l3 green tea

on thursday my daughter and i head off to ballet at the half moon bay marina… usually i stay at ballet and enjoy the class (and maybe a quick read) but this past week i unexpectedly bumped into an old flatmate!  so we took advantage of the lovely ara-tia cafe downstairs and had some green tea and good conversation.  i love those “divine appointments” where God sets it up! 



i’m in love with an elderly couple that walk up our street.  i see them usually around 4 on a monday when i’m picking caleb up from rugby, and one day might get my a into g to get some flowers for them.  because they are THAT sweet.  they walk up our street, a decent hill, her with a walker, him holding onto the walker, right by her hand.  they’re incredibly slow.  dressed warmly.  a shinning light for love.   i slow down when i see them… seriously, not in a stalker way, but just to pause, look.  i want that kind of love. 

in fact, because i believe what you build is what you live – what you sow is what you reap – and because for the first time (eeek dont read me wrong! i’ve always been passionately dedicated and committed to tony and i and our family, but when you only have a certain number of reading hours, i would have, up till now, always chosen something else to read) i’m reading marriage books… you see my bookcase is filled mostly with books on revival (finney, winkie pratney, brownsville, the moravians, welsh revival, jonathon edwards) books on/by billy graham and books about evangelism or stuff like that.  you can easily tell what i’m passionate about and what my personality is.  but in the past year i’ve been reading heaps of marriage books, not because my marriage needed work, but because our housegroup is getting older and into that stage of dating and potential marriages.  but wow.  has it been good for my marriage!  i’d like to say a resounding YES! 

some recommendations:

What did you expect?

For Women Only / For Men Only

Sacred Search

Hold Me Tight

Boundaries Face to Face

Mentoring For Marriage




and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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