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J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

What happens when you lose the fire and it’s starting to feel like there’s no hope? I’ve always been in love with Jesus but right now, I’m feeling hopeless and want to quit everything and just run away from all my problems. How do I regain the fire for God again?


Dear beloved friend,

Very often in church we never learn that the Christian life eventually runs into dry seasons, low valleys, and long periods of silence and stagnation.  It’s not really the church’s fault and it’s not your own: because almost everyone is afraid to talk about it, like it’s an unforgivable sin to admit you feel far from God.

So we learn the Christianese code words of plastic smiles and quick handshakes and I’m-fine and That’s-in-my-past and Things-are-tough-but-praise-God — when every night at 3am you look at the ceiling fan wondering if this is all…

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