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NewSpring Church The first step away from God is usually a small one. #AngelsDemons


Wigglesworth Quotes Do not think back, look back or act back.


Jim Elliot Beware, my soul, of idols.


Timothy KellerThe sin that is killing you the most right now is the one you are most defensive about or just completely unaware of.


PJ SmythSatan never plays fair. He will catch you in your weakest area when you are at your most vulnerable. Stay alert.


Ben ReedWhat’s the largest gap in the world? The one between knowing the right thing & doing it. (Re: James 4:17)


Casey TreatA faith walk is made up of many steps and every step requires a decision. #renewalthought


misty edwards"I’m right here, I’m right where you left Me. All this time, patiently waiting. Not hard to find, I’m right where you left Me."


Jud Wilhite  The only shame you continue to carry now is the shame you choose to keep carrying. #pursuedbook


Mike GriffithsWe have been set free from the expectations of a sinful world.


Brian Houston Every time God speaks He has something critical to say! Have an ear to hear what the Spirit says. #divineguidance


The River Church NZ Come Holy Spirit! We love Your presence God!


Tullian Tchividjian You will endure as you increasingly realize that God’s love for you has nothing to do with your endurance but Christ’s endurance for you.


Byron Paulus"The kingdom of heaven doesn’t belong to the sleepers and the lazy, ‘but the violent take it by force’." Clement of Alexandria


Tim Keller Wisdom "Christians are called to be an alternative city within every earthly city."


jesuscultureBe a beacon of hope wherever you go!