*** church notes from this morning with pastor peter preaching @ The River




Matthew 17: 1- jesus transfigured

They have an amazing encounter with God at the top of the mountain, them they come down and meet the disciples praying for a demon possessed biy with no success

V20 speak to the mountain

We need faith
Jesus wants to help us build our faith
Faith and expectation = same thong
God wants to increase our expectations

Our lives are a training ground and God is actively building faith through difficulties

1 if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can speak to the mountain

Joshua was small vs jericho
Davis vs goliath
Gideon vs midianites
Moses vs red sea

Faith speaks TO the mountain
Doubt speaks about the mountain

Mountains only move when you speak TO the mountain

No limitations on what kinds of mountains we can speak to incl mountains that are consequences of sin, self created crisis

Jesus doesn’t tell us to moan about to analyise the mountain but to speak to it

Some mountains are easy to move but some mountains need more speaking and persistent prayer

Keep on speaking until they move

Instruction 1: speak to the mountain
Instruction 2: if the mountain doesn’t move refer to instruction 1 and repeat

Our job is to speak – its God who MOVES the mountain