"It’s Not About the Nail" is a short video that’s been making the rounds. It takes a humorous look at the differences in how men and women communicate – and if you’ve been married for at least five minutes, you can probably relate to what the couple in the clip is going through. 


Christian Post has 3 ways we can learn about communication between men and women:

1. Appreciate both sides.

2. Watch out for your blind spot.  Sometimes, what we think we need isn’t what we need most. We might be so entrenched in our own situations that we might miss seeing something that is as obvious to our spouse as a nail in the forehead – that’s a blind spot.

3. Assume the best in your spouse.By assuming the best about our spouse, it will help ensure our filter leans towards the positive side and will make us more open to feedback, help and input. By assuming the best, we trust that our spouse has our best in mind and wants the best for us. To be sure, trust has to be earned. However, assuming the best in our spouse helps put us in a place where we can readily give trust.