we have an awesome random family.  today we ended up having a sing along over lunch – including a miss sung line “i’m going to be an octopus about this” – brilliant song and i think a new fav artist! (pompeii – and the line really says “i’m goning to be an OPTIMIST about that”… we’re also singing “did you hear the people sing” complete with theatrical arm guestures, skyfall and impossible. 




we had an international theme day at school on friday.  my son went as an injured all black.  complete with sling.  because we had him in for xrays for a broken elbow the night before.  yes.  thankfully no breaks that the radiologist could see but he is still very sore and slinged up.   totally matched his all black / kiwi theme.  evangeline was trickier to work out – she didnt want to be an all black.  then brain wave – we have a ballet character skirt so she went as a spanish girl!  including dark red carnation in her hair.  she looked so beautiful!




Fotor050611138 so we’ve been fighting winter bugs for the past week or so.  along with the sore elbows.  this week evangeline has been sick – temps and coughs.  yesterday we watched tangled and a barbie movie when i then had a brainwave.  now both of the kids have an approved playlist on youtube that they can watch.  evangeline’s has lots of princess sofia clips (she is so cute!) and some songs and kids worship and funny cats and other disney priness stuff.  caleb has a mix of star wars, star wars bloopers, rugby, songs and science stuff and some louie giglio.   kids think i am the best mum ever. 




i got given Les Miserables on dvd last week and am just waiting for some time to sit down and watch it .  i was totally blown away by it when i saw it at the movies and the overwhelming message of grace throughout it.  so stirred my heart and made me cry ALOT!  so i’m making sure i have time to watch and time to cry.  and no where to go afterwards looking like a wreck! 




love my gumboots – i wear them to my sons rugby and soccer games and they have been a lifesaver and a shoe saver… through the mud and the wet my feet have being warm and dry and stylish!  i even wore them to just drop the kids off the other day – was so wet and crazy!  bring on summer!




and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.

so what are you totally loving this week?

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