this morning (and tonight!) we are so honoured to have winkie pratney at The River – he is a legend and when i was in my early 20s i heard him speak about 10 times.  he has been a real inspiration to me and gave me a real passion to street preach and witness.  in fact i would say his preaching and writings have been foundational in making me who i am.  He is incredibly insightful, funny and genuinely one of my heroes. below are my notes from church this morning.






Christianity is getting you back from where you fell.


the trouble with jesus is that He is not at all like we think He is.

He loves people even those that hate Him

Jesus, the real and rightful Ruler of the world has come to change yours


Paul/Saul – A Close Encounter – Acts 9


1. threatening and slaughter

you can be deeply religious and not know God

you dont need to be a lover of the church to meet God or christians – God will put people in your life to demonstrate His goodness and reality

you can hate God and He can still reach you and raise you up to change the world


2. suddenly from heaven

the coming of Christ is always unexpected

God is after you (Luke 15) and initiates connection


3.  light from heaven


God doesnt need to wait for night to shine bright

God doesnt need to show off

He is already awesome

He just shows up



4. saul saul

Jesus knows your name


5.  who are you Lord?

you may think you know Him and still have not met Him


6.  what do you want me to do?

God requires your response

you only have to ask