I 79 me self

we had an amazing women’s conference at our church over the weekend.  i loved every minute of it.  it was awesome to see God at work in people’s lives – to see new hope, transformation and a new sense of His love in people.  we had a photobooth and blackboard which were a neat connection creating element, as well as a lovely cafe area.  we make a real effort to transform the church into a real chicks place – flowers and art work!  we also had fairy lit blossom trees and a lolly bar!  i spoke on the friday night – and had such a fun time – and felt that the message i had was significantly from God for these women at this moment.  all week previously i had been fighting a winter bug and for about 3 days had no voice – even on friday i couldnt carry a conversation for more than a minute without having a coughing fit!  but was believing that i would stand up and be able to roar and preach!  and yay Jesus – i did and could!  on the saturday we had two main sessions in the morning with one of the sessions with a woman whom we had guest worship lead last year.  she is a counsellor and spoke about connecting and communication.  she also did an elective about marriage and connecting in your marriage.  we had a youth elective run by our youth pastors wife and two others which i hear were amazing and life changing(oh to have 3 bodies!)   in the evening our pastor stepped in for his wife who was terribly sick over the weekend – i didnt love that part – we so missed her and the conference is really an expression of her love and vision for jesus and us women.  he did a steller job, even let us put a tiara on him.  a pink one!  amazing time of ministry at the end of saturday night – i love how God speaks and moves!  my heart is very full!