*** notes from church this morning – fantastic message by pastor peter on preparing your life for revival


1 samuel 17
One huge giant held captive by fear
We have Goliaths in our land and the church has been kept paralysed by them
Fear of man / political correctness
Apathy / she’ll be right

We need some Davids to stand up in our nation to take on giants

1 samuel 17:31 let no mans heart fail

Move from just great sunday meetings but to a day by day encountering God and cumulating in celebrating on a sunday

David had preparation
Lions and bears

Public victory comes from private victory
Secret place victory equals public power

How did God train david:
1 training began at home
David anointed and then sent back out to the sheep

2 training involves close combat
See v35
Ephesians 6:12
Often our wrestle is against lies and insecurity

3 training gives a testimony
Revelation 13:11 their own testimony