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J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Anonymous asked:

I love the way you answer questions! You are so inspirational. My real question is this: What are your thoughts on dating a non-Christian?


Thank you for your kind words, which will make it harder for me be tough here.

My very short answer on a Christian dating a non-Christian is: Don’t do it.

And it’s not even because of “religious differences” or “how we gonna raise them kids” or “moral quandaries.”  Committing your heart to another person is already a pretty huge deal, and it’s hard enough finding someone who is legit and compatible. If you throw one more complexity into the mix, you’re just making it unnecessarily difficult for yourself — when all along is a much better fit for you who loves Jesus like you do.

We can say something like “love is blind” or “love wants what it wants,” which is cute for…

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