kindle a fire in me o my Lord God for your presence and your purposes

let me stand for you ways and let me stand and overcome

let me be intentional in pursuing you and encountering you

let me encounter you so that others too who need your presence and love and grace and healing and salvation and deliverance will encounter you

kindle a fire in me to see you move in my church in my land in my life

burn in me Lord that i might burn bright for others to see

stir me towards your purposes

dare me to follow you

transform me into your likeness

let me be aware of spiritual things and contention

that i might live toe to toe with the enemy, taking ground and not being distracted by his influences and subtle oppressions

let me live with clarify and purpose and intention for your holy ways and knowing you

reveal to me who you are and let me hold onto that vision and reality, let that burn within me and keep the fire kindled

let encountering you not be a memory but be a reality

stir me

stir others

let me stir

move o Lord

move our hearts

stir us to pray

stir us to pray

stir us to pray