kim walker smith is such a legend.  (is that wrong for me to say that?)  i so admire her passion and determination to make a way for people to encounter God.  i love the message of her heart – she says she feels sometimes like a broken record – but its the heartbeat of her spirit been told and told and told again so that other people can know the love of God.  i love the way she is exactly who she seems when she sings – that worship isn’t just about song but it permeates her very life and how she relates to people, be it on a stage, singing, speaking, or in conversation (which i have had 2 experiences personally!)  i love her testimony of how and when she encountered God’s love most dramatically and life changing for the first time. 



all it takes is one encounter with God – and you can be changed! Kim Walker Smith

worship is us responding to Gods love Kim Walker Smith

if you are not passionate about your relationship with Jesus, if you are not passionate about worshipping Him it is because you do not know yet how much He loves you.  Kim Walker Smith



its a fight to maintain that connection.  it takes time.  it takes energy.  but when you’re in love its a lot easier!    Kim Walker Smith

this is KIM WALKER SMITH saying that its a fight! take heart plebs i think, if kim walker smith is fighting for the connection and relationship then its okay that i am.  contend for the reward.  contend for the love.  contend for relationship!


live with an unoffended heart. Kim Walker Smith

God is God.  we know He has the power to do “stuff” but sometimes we have to walk through things and sometimes life is hard.  but God is still God and still has the power and has a plan.  living with an unoffended heart stops us from trying to shape God to our own agenda or our own limitations of our mind.  His ways are higher and His wisdom is greater.  living with an unoffended heart trusts God.


you will live in the fruit of this moment. Kim Walker Smith

i love this point.  i love this key.  today it may seem like no dramatic revelatory moment.  but our obedience is a seed for our future.  our obedience today builds what our tomorrow looks like.  each day builds connection and intimacy.  if you desire to know God seek Him today.  because He will be found.  but it takes day by day relationship and prayer and worship and connection, over time.  fruit grows.  relationship grows.


(during an encounter with Jesus) – i have to ask Him two questions –“how much do you love me?” and “what were you thinking when you created me?” Kim Walker Smith

when kim was a little girl she overheard something that profoundly affected her self esteem, thinking her life that she was meant to be born a boy and was thus a mistake.  when she asked him “what were you thinking when you created me?”  she really expected God to admit that He stuffed up and that was aiming for a boy and was trying to make the best of a bad situation…  and thus couldn’t love her.  the worship leader then said “you need to ask God 2 questions.”  yes.  it was the exact 2 that she was thinking.  WOW.  cool.   and then she gets the courage to ask Jesus those 2 questions.  His response was to stretch His arms out… forever, so much so that she cant see His hands. 


one encounter with God’s love.  its all it takes.  we are created to respond to His love.  kim walker smith

i so agree with this.  it so resonates with my heart!  one encounter can change our lives.  He sets us free.  He heals us.  He makes us whole.  He changes our hearts.  He transforms us!




seek God with all of your heart, go after Him with everything you have. Banning Liebscher

He is stirring your heart to seek Him because He desires to be found. Banning Liebscher

power has been lost in the church but is being restored as we GO out! Banning Liebscher


i love as Banning talks about a generation raised up with power to take Jesus to their cities – released into the world to bring the gospel.  i love how his heart burns with passion!