Lost 5

1.  i have watched every episode.  at least twice.   Lost is my happy place.  if i have some down time and am sick or been going hard out one of the things i like to do is rewatch.

2.  i brought the Lost soundtrack, Season 5 and some of Season 6.  love the music!  takes me right there!  i have a whole playlist of relaxingish Lost music on my nano for when i’m not sleeping well.

3.  a Lost song is my ringtone on my phone.  and my text tone is JACK YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING (ben).  it used to be the smoke monster.  and also i had Ben instructing the staff room on how to make coffee and change the filter.

4.  i have 2 Lost tshirts.  and i live in New Zealand so you know they’ve come a long way…

5.  my desktop picture is… yip, Lost.

6.  i have to include a Lost reference in my message when i preach.  seriously i do.  i have done this for about 2 years now.  i can usually come up with a Lost analogy at the drop of a hat…  so much so that in a comp we’re doing with our young adults they have to include a LOST reference to get more points.  yip, i infected them all.

7. Lost has changed my language.  whenever someone talks about smoke, candidates, lists, islands, constants, time, letting go, whatever happened happened, others… well… you get me.  Lost references have changed my language.

8.  i can name most of the characters and actors.  and episode names.  though i might be a bit rusty on the episode names now.

9.  my daughters name is evangeline… not totally just because of the actress, but yeah, it was an influence.

10.  Jesus is my constant.  “I have but one passion: It is He, it is He alone.” Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf (though i am sure if Lost was on when he was around he’d say Lost was on the list…)

lost 9

but seriously… my life must express MORE obsession with Jesus and people must know i LOVE Jesus more than i love Lost.  as i’ve converted people into Lost fans… so i should be in the process of conversion with people unto salvation.   I have one passion, and it is He.  but Lost is so up there on my list.

fav characters: ben (i know!), faraday, hurley, desmond

fav episodes: the constant, the incident, man behind the curtain, flashes before your eyes, all of S6

text tone:  Jack you dont know what you’re doing!

ring tone from my husband: desmond contacting penny

general ring tone:  song from Lost

obsessed: yes i am

lost 17

i love that Lost was about redemption.  transformation.  change.  hope.  destiny.

i love that Jack was The Candidate, the One.  and that he chose that.  he made a decision to lead.

i love

desmond and penny

the conflict between ben and charles


and the mystery or unfolding realization that richard never aged

and i loved his flashback and backstory

i loved jacob

and when was in the main candidates flashbacks

and the conflict between him and his brother

i love

the donkey wheel

the hatch


black vs white

good vs evil

henry gale

la fluer

jin and sun

the numbers

hurlyes humour and starwars references

miles and his father

daniel farady and his quirkyness

juliet and sawyer, true love

yeah, i really love Lost…

i used to watch LOST on a thursday morning – it showed on tv here in New Zealand on a Wednesday night but we had our young adults housegroup (shows how much i love those guys!)  on thursday evangeline had kindy and caleb would be at school and i would watch LOST.  bless my american friends who knew how much of an addict i was – i had some that wouldn’t post status updates about lost so that they wouldn’t spoil it for me… we had some fun discussions as i watched it in kiwi time. during Lost i wouldn’t answer the phone even when i was watching.  funnily one day my husband texted me as i was driving home, pumped to watch Lost, and said he was in an accident and on the way to hospital.  just kidding came the next text.  i nearly drove off the road.  because i was concerned about my hubby, not because i was going to miss my Lost time.  he so got a slap!  just a few weeks ago we got given movie ticket money and have been checking out what movies to see… i settled on Mission Impossible 4.  my husband was pleased.  i dont think he’s clicked it is because there is a Lost actor in there…  we went on holidays with our best friends and their kids last year.  and we watched ALL of season 1.  every night we would chillax and watch it.  soooo good.  there were moments that i would watch them out of the corner of my eye to see their reaction.  and i had to hold onto my lips as there were soooo many moments that clickidly clackedly fell into place as i rewatched with a finale done perspective.  they watched the whole series in about 3 months.  legends.  addicts.   happy moments.  ka pai to the creators of Lost.  you made more than just ordinary tv.