totally love this.  everyday is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the love and grace of God and for us to be a living testimony for Him.  we live to know Him and make Him known.



evangeline’s year group have been looking at different jobs over this past term.  they had a pilot, ice cream maker, postie, nurse, doctor and others come and visit.  and our pastor, her best friends dad, also came along and shared what he did for his job.   our pastor, peter, and his family and our family are all best friends.  caleb and their daughter are 2 weeks apart in ages and evangeline and their youngest are 6 weeks apart.  we so love their family.  and so when evangeline grows up she wants to be a pastor.  because she loves peter.  i did tell her that really one should become a pastor because they love JESUS… but its also awesome that she has such an excellent role model in what it is to love and serve God.  and i love that they are dreaming of the future…



http://mylostmoment.net/ – just discovered this today.  i could waste lots of time reading it… is peoples favourite parts of LOST… parts they connected with.  yeah i know, i am such a geek…  and my own favourite moment… well i have LOTS… but i do love the start of S3… the burnt muffins.  the new face.  the realization The Others live in houses.  Benjamin Linus.  the plane.  i loved how the directors would so change our perception of where the show was going in a instant.  there are so many other moments:  juliet dying… juliet bashing the bomb… charlie and NOT PENNYS BOAT… jack and smokeys confrontation on the hill on the way to the light… discovering locke was in a wheelchair… jacks “i’ll do it”… jacob and the MIBs convo on the beach… sawyer and the crew joining darma… illana saying to ben “i’ll have you”… ben confronting jacob… the temple people… jin and sun… jin and sun falling in love again… all the redemption moments… ahhh i loved it…  so many moments…


housegroup 2011 v1

seeing people step out and step up and live who they’re called to be… this is why i am a housegroup leader… this is why i love young adults… (oh and i think that is me living my who i am called to be!)