When we’re living our lives with intentional gratitude we’re fixing our eyes upon Jesus and agreeing YES He is good and YES He is faithful and YES He is Lord and YES He is the one who loves us!  Gratitude is an expression of faith.





1251.   my family. my husband and best friend, my son who i admire so much and am so proud of, and my daughter who delights my heart


1252.  real mail in the letterbox


1253.  knowing what my husband brought me for my birthday…


1254.  saturday sleep in and worship time


1255.  new worship songs that touch my spirit


1256.  old worship songs that touch my heart… currently playing OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD (remade by hillsong united) and wow wow wow


1257.   the sound of the menfolk out hammering and building the hut… lots of fun and work being done by tony and caleb… and 3 other boys from the neighbourhood


1258.  i got given the most amazing pair of new boots the other day.  love that.  that i was given them and love the boots.


1259.  discussions and convos at housegroup


1260.  truth


1261.  truth that sets us free


1262.  christian leaders in the world like Perry Noble, Mark Driscoll, Peter Morton, Steven Furtick, Matt Chandler


1263.  podcasts.  i am a podcast junkie


1264.  the grace of God that invites us in, though broken and sinful we are.  i am never turned away.


1265.  our fire.  and wood to put in it.  cozyness!


1266.  spending time with awesome women of God


1267.  i love that my daughter is playing Clock Patience. she is just so cute.


1268.  matthew 11:28 come to God if you’re weary.


1269. the provision of God.  in so many small and big ways He takes care of us and makes real His promises


1270.  friends in real life and friends online


1271.  encouragement and changed lives


1272.  LOST.  seriously, its my happy place.


1273.  new people at church


1274.  a job (nearly) finished…


1275.  childish innocence


1276.  stepping up


1277.  dying my hair!  feel like a new woman!


1278.  the perfect timing of God








so there we go.  venturing on in life to 2000 things that i am grateful for…