taken from watching Mark Driscoll preaching at Easter 2011 http://www.marshillchurch.org/media/easter/easter-celebration-2011 




1. He said He came down from heaven john 6:38-39 

in other words He existed BEFORE He entranced time through His mothers womb.  Jesus is God come down from Heaven.  Jesus is NOT a man who became God but that God humbled Himself and came on a rescue mission and came to seek and save


2.  He is more than just a good man mark 10:17-18 

no one is good but God alone

He is not a good teacher, a generous man towards the poor and suffering but He is so much more

you cant reduce Jesus to “just a good man” He is The God Man

there is no one that is good, we are all sinners

Jesus alone is without sin, He alone is good

you must receive Him for who he truly is


3.  Jesus performs miracles John 10:36-39

Jesus DID heal the sick, Jesus DID heal the blind, Jesus DID feed the hungry, those who were mute could sing, those who were lame could leap up and walk

Jesus unapologetically and emphatically said I AM GOD

and was accused of blasphemy

but He was not lying – HE IS GOD

Jesus is saying if you do not believe my words, then look at my WORKS – the miracles and transformation!

Jesus still works miracles

He sets addicts free, He transforms lives, He heals sick people NOW and TODAY


4.  He said I AM SINLESS John 8:46

He says it plainly, openly, clearly, truthfully I AM SINLESS

this claim is without peer

we are all sinners by nature and by choice

by deeds, thoughts and motivations

none of us can say we are without sin

but Jesus can say it

no one is perfect EXCEPT FOR JESUS

no other major world religion has a leader that has made this claim


5.  Jesus said that He is God John 10:30-33

I and the Father are ONE

some of you have been lied to – that Jesus never said He was God or that that was something added to His message, a myth added by His followers – BUT Jesus HIMSELF said HE IS GOD repeatedly, openly, publically, unashamedly

Jesus Christ IS God!


6.  Jesus forgives sin Mark 2:5-7

each of us needs forgiveness of sin, the burden of guilt, the shame, the condemnation.  the quiet moments when we all ponder the regrettable things in our life, the things we’ve done, the things we’ve said, the things we haven’t done and haven’t said…  we are all sinners by nature and choice… every other religion will tell you what you can do to deal with your sin, follow this plan and do this.  but Jesus says I FORGIVE YOU, I’LL TAKE CARE OF THAT.  all we do is we trust Jesus.  the penalty for sin is death.  Jesus goes to the cross and in the most magnificent demonstration of love and justice in the history world, our God who came down from heaven, to live without sin, substituted himself, to make his enemies friends and to forgive sin.


7.  Jesus says He is the ONLY way to heaven John 14:6

not only does Jesus come down from heaven, live without sin, dies for our sin, rises as our saviour, ascends into heaven, and He opens a doorway into the presence of God and the Kingdom of God and invites us to come through it, by trusting in Him.  Jesus is exclusive.  not all religions save, not all paths lead to eternal life, not all religions are true.   there is no salvation and no forgiveness of sins, no reconciliation with God, apart from faith in Jesus Christ.  Jesus is exclusive and inclusive.  He invites us ALL.  no matter what sin you’ve committed, Jesus invites you.  no matter what race you are, Jesus invites you.  no matter how old you are, jesus invites you.  no matter what you’ve believed up to now, Jesus invites you.  the door is open.  one door.  His name is Jesus Christ.  everyone is welcome to pass through THAT door.  all nations, all genders, all ages, all peoples.


8.  Jesus said He would rise from death Mark 8:31

Jesus’ vindication is His resurrection.  He said time and time again I AM GOD but his disciples and the people struggled to believe.  and Jesus said WAIT AND SEE.  The resurrection proves that everything He ever said is absolutely and completely TRUE.    Jesus was dead, but 3 days later HE WAS ALIVE!  and history has never been the same.  a bunch of cowardly disciples became fearless and they didn’t even fear death because they knew that like Jesus they would rise too.  the early church started worshipping  on sunday, the day of Jesus resurrection.  and no one visited grave.  we have no idea where the grave really is, it did not become a shine or a place for holy visitation because JESUS BODY WASNT THERE.  His resurrection is His vindication.


who is Jesus Christ?

maker of heaven and earth

beginning and end

the son of God

the God Man

our humble servant

man of sorrows

Good Shepherd

Prince of Peace

sinless saviour

the resurrection and the life

the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world


his love is glorious, his love is marvellous, his love is generous, his love is matchless


who do you say Jesus is?

this is the moment where you make a decision.

will you leave here as a Christian or a non Christian?  will you resist the grace of God?  will you reject the love of Jesus?  will you reject his invitation?  or will you accept His grace by turning from sin and trusting in Him?

will you give your life to Jesus?

will you repent from your sin, turning from being the god of your own life and trusting in Jesus?  do you have a better plan?  because there is none.

make the most important decision of your life. 

if you’re feeling this in your heart, that is the Holy Spirit prompting you, compelling you, convincing you, that you need to make a change and that you need to respond.