i very much love:P1220802

my amazing children who bring me much joy and adventure





this image and the challenge it puts out there!





this album.  am so wanting it for christmas.  yes i know christmas is past but we havent had christmas with my SIL and her family yet.… if i dont get it then it will be a belated christmas present to moi!




housegroup ad2 copy

our housegroup and our housegroupies.  cant wait for the year to begin again!




lost 2

Lost.  got to watch the finale of S6 (and the whole show) with my besties on New Years Eve.  in july we holidayd with them and they began watching the series.  since then they’ve powered through all seasons, all episodes, and so what a way to end the year, lost.


and as always.  i love Jesus with all i am and all my heart and all my soul and all my days. For His glory and the building of His kingdom and the rescue of the lost.