this year is ending, today.  its the last day of twenty ten. what a year.

so what progress have i made this year… and what am i adventuring into for the next?


twenty ten was the year:

of baking… it was an official resolution to learn how to bake this year.  my daughter has food allergies so baking is an essential way to get treats into her.  and everyone loves home baking right.  up till this year i could bake maybe 2 things.   and they worked, most times.  so i resolved to get over my baking funk and bake my heart out and learn new things.  i’m proud to say that even this week i tackled a new recipe and won.

of podcasts and preaching… i got given a mp3 last year for christmas so this was the year i filled my heart with preaching.  new discoveries were steven furtick, mark driscoll, judah smith (and his youth pastors) and bill johnson.

at least no one died this year… yes seriously that was my statement for housegroup this year.  dont get me wrong – it was an exceptional year with many highs but also a very low part that then affected much of the peeps and the year following.  but the year before one of my guys had been killed in a car accident, so i can say, at least no one died this year.  this year in housegroup we strengthened the core group and added a few newbies… we talked about consecration, honesty, confession, hearing from God and then finished the year with our eyes fixed firmly on jesus with a series called Jesus is.  we also ate copious amounts of desert, chinese, and had our first ever nacho night.  all good

the weekender and habakkuk… the weekender is our churches’ young adults retreat – and i was service leading it and God spoke to me through habakkuk – about Refocusing, Reviving and Refiring… was an amazing life defining weekend.  God so moved.  and i am so grateful!  He is awesome.  plus there was amazing lasagne.  all good.

that i mc’d a wedding for the first time… and was bridesmaid at another wedding… both super fun, though somewhat nervous occasions

that i was involved in 4 baptisms… i love baptisms!  and i love people getting baptised!

that our mums group did alpha, and one of our mainly music mums got saved.  its so glorious watching her grow!  so love her and what God is doing in her life.  and i loved alpha.  stole many of the presenters illustrations – he’s a great communicator and this is God’s gift in him to the world.  its beautiful watch someone in their calling.  even on a video.

my daughter started school… she’s five.  she’s delightful.  she loves school though still misses me and so holds my hand firmly as we walk to her class. its a whole new adventure for her.



my daughter started school… yes, you can read that twice… which means that from 9 till 3 i have time.  time to have a cleaner house.  sometimes.  time to write and read and pray.  time to walk and bake.  time for coffee dates with friends.

that God stirred my heart for impossibilities… when i look back at the messages i have preached the underlying current of most of them – and the in your face content for at least half of them is that nothing is impossible for God.  its a fresh new zing in my heart that i’m excited to see where it does and what God does!

i ran the light party… a halloween alternative at our church that needed someone to stand up and say, yip i’ll do it and make it happen… so when there is usually that gap tony and i usually put our hands up… and it was so much fun.  esp with the new lights at church.  and all the willing people who helped so enthusiastically.

i was intentionally grateful… at the start of the year i began my 1000 things listings, things i was grateful for.  small things, big things, spiritual things, family things, relational things, material things.  whatever and whenever.  its good to be intentionally grateful, because then you recognize how blest your life really is, and that creates a happiness that you can wear on your face and pass on to others!

that LOST finished… just had to include that… i love lost… and you’ll laugh, tonight, new years eve, we’re going round to friends to watch the final episodes.  we went on holiday with these wonderful friends in july and took along lost season 1 on dvd with the intention of converting them.  and they were.  so they’ve spent the last 5 months watching all the episodes and finish tonight.  what a glorious way to end the year!  oh and in case you didnt know. the title of this post, its a lost quote.

that my son joined the Samoan cultural group… in case you didnt know.  we’re white.  as pakeha as you get.  but he joined the Samoa cultural group at school and we thought it was most awesome.  esp as for the first 5-6 years of his life he was incredibly shy and change reluctant.  amazing how God can grow a child.  he had 2 concert performances and it was awesome.  yes i leaked.  i love my little Samoan boy.  he’s also joined the bmx club so that is an adventure in itself!



i’m so grateful to God for my family and my church and my pastors and His wonderful grace in my life. 

all glory to Him for His great works to me and in me and through me!