yesterday i got mail.  REAL mail.  EXCITING mail.  a book in the mail.  a book i had a small part in.  so it was totally exciting.  i ripped open the delightful yellow package and looked at this crisp smooth cover.  sniffed the new book smell.  and then had to carry on my day, with the kids, cooking dinner, tidying up for housegroup, running housegroup… BEFORE i could begin to read it. 




i’m only up to chapter 4, but loving it so much i had to begin sharing! 


the book is @Sticky Jesus – How to live your faith online – and in my words is a heart stirring book that challenges us and inspires us to be about Kingdom work – EVEN ONLINE and in our social connections on facebook and twitter.  online is a new mission field and the Holy Spirit is actively at work demonstrating His love and grace to those on it through His servants and kids.  i devoured the book – my spirit fuelled with fire as each page resonates with the heartbeat of God for the lost.  


i love the way this book is written.  the authors tami heim and toni birdsong have a fantastic way with words!

i love all the testimonies and real life stories of peoples adventures online.

the prayers at the end of each chapter really touched me to the core as i prayed them with sincerity.


these are some of my most favourite quotes:

“we live an communicate in awesome times.  and we live in one of the most exciting windows for sharing the gospel since the gutenberg press was invented in 1440, making bible accessible to the masses.”

“this dramatic shift in communication and the growing hunger for human connection online have spawned a new mission field unlike any the church has ever seen.”

“you stand here as a Christ follower in a definitive moment in time you are an ordinary person called to usher a holy Kingdom into a n increasingly fragmented world.  its the perfect scenario for God to move in big ways just as He always has.  Just as god called Esther, Joseph and Paul to go before the world’s kings at appointed times to alter history, He now calls you to log on and upload what’s critical to today’s conversation.  while everything changes at warp speed, the holy mandate remains to communicate the gospel in the most relevant channels available, here, there and everywhere!”

“connection is about joining and fastening things together.  relationship is about creating a sense of belonging. the world is wired for 24/7 connection, but you’ve secured the most coveted connection – Jesus Christ.  and while the world oozes multiplicity in its motives for relationship building online, be assured that just one motive moved God to connect to you in genuine relationship.  that movie was love.  love compelled God to send His only Son – the Holy One – to establish relationship with us, the unholy.  that same determined love allowed jesus to suffer on the cross in your place.”

“the goal of sharing your faith with another person isnt simply to broadcast information; its to be a channel that aids the Holy spirit in His work of TRANSFORMATION.  in reaching out and building disciples online, look to Jesus and His inner circle.  Jesus taught and modelled truth and then He empowered the disciples to minister and warn the lost, heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse diseases and drive out demons.  Now that’s seriously effective empowerment!”


i was asked at housegroup, after my husband passed the book around and told them to flick to page 124, how i got invovled…

it happened quite naturally, and in way, illustrates perfectly the purpose and heart of the book…  i met toni online, through facebook or twitter, i cant remember now and struck up one of those long distance internet connections.  i love it when you meet people in real life, and online that you just click with.  it just happened like that.  and then she emailed me one day and asked if i could write something about my experience online, if God had done anything to me or through me.  i’m blest to say i LOVE facebook and twitter and connecting with people i know and people i dont on there.  there is sometimes a transparency that doesnt happen with real life people, and doors that would never open, can open online.  i use facebook to connect with my housegroup relationally and “in an organising capacity” (how did people run ministry and groups and events before email and facebook!?!)  i’m a fast typer and a fast thinker, a good advantage online.  i’ve been really impressed with how toni shines and encourages – she is a light on facebook, living out what their book shares.

toni popped a comment on my previous post on @sticky jesus… “By the way . . . just some background on the book. . . we just prayed and God showed us who to connect with and include in the book. Regular people, loving Christ on and off line authentically and in a way that shines for Him. Claire’s story is a profile of humility in the book and if anyone reads this blog, they know why. She’s the real deal and shines for Him 24/7. It’s never the Claire show that so many bloggers (and Christian bloggers) slip into. This blog is about how you and I can know Christ and make Him known … as it should be. Thank you Claire for sharing your sticky story with us. I pray the days ahead create more opportunities for believers to share their faith in their circles of influence online!”


if you’re passionate about the call of God and allowing God to use you everyday in everyway – demonstrating His extraordinary love and power through our ordinary lives – then this is a fab real life relevant book for you!