isnt it fantastic how sometimes you stumble across something that acts like a cold coke from the can on a sweltering hot day – this post did that for me, a right time right word kind of thing. it renewed, refreshed and revived my heart after a long hard humbling and grace-filled term. God is so faithful. So gracious. He holds us, strengthens us, renews us, transforms us, refines us, enables us. In Him i trust and in Him i find satisfaction for all my lacks. Most of the scriptures in this passage have been the "hold onto ones" from this term that God has fed me by. Many of them have appeared again and again in my heart to encourage and teach and strengthen me. God is so graciously good. Thank you to Amc2425 for writing this. I pray you’ll be encouraged by this as much as i was.



  June 28, 2010 Renew, Refresh, Revive  The lord says I am going to renew, refresh and revive you for some of you have been weary and weak and tired.  I am going to renew refresh you with a greater double, even triple portion of my spirit. The dreams that some of you thought were dead and gone and you thought would never come to pass.  I will renew, refresh and revive them says the lord. This fresh anointing is going to give you supernatural stre … Read More

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