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Proverbs 3:11 “my child don’t turn away or become bitter when the Lord corrects you.  The Lord corrects everyone he loves, just as parents correct their children.”

Why do I correct my kids:  so they…

Grow up safe

Grow up as contributors

Grow up into fulfillment and happiness

Grow up secure

Grow up and “fit in”

Grow up and make friends

Grow up and make a positive impression

Grow up with opportunities

Grow up to succeed

Correcting trains us into the right direction.  It isn’t about punishment or things like that it is about training human beings.  Correcting kids is about them managing their emotions and desires and wants and how they express themselves.

Likewise God corrects us because he loves us.  He loves us even more than I love my kids.

Remember – God is good.  loving. gracious.  in my own life i have found His correction techniques to be good, loving, gracious and kind – not shameful and humiliating.  He humbles us yes and correction is often painful as we may have to right wrongs and we have to deny ourselves and let go of our “rights” and make changes – He is our Heavenly Father.

God also sees the big picture.  Just like a parent can look forward and see the consequences of their actions (the broken toy, the broken heart, etc etc) and imposes correction that protects the child – like teaching a toddler to NOT touch the fire because the fire burns…  or forming property boundaries so the child doesnt get into danger by going onto the road etc… the child may think fire is pretty and that they just want to ride their bike, but the parent sees the big picture.

When God corrects us don’t turn away or reject him and his lessons and correction.  Learn.  Embrace.  Experience.  Be humble.  Pray.  Draw near to him. Seek him.  Don’t become bitter – but better, as the saying goes.  Grow as a human.  Grow as a child of God.  Be more faithful.  Be more like Jesus.  Draw near to God.  Be soft and not hard.  Yield, don’t resist.  Be willing, not willful.  Have hope.  Be teachable.

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