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I remember to think about

the many things

you did

in years gone by.

Then I lift my hands in prayer,

because my soul is a desert,

thirsty for water from you.

psalm 143:5-6

– REMEMBER – david often tells himself to REMEMBER God and His ways and His works.  its more than just a post it note to remind ourselves but it is a remembering that stirrs up faith, that recalls who God is and the great things He does and has done.  Remembering is encouraging ourselves – to rewrite the whiteboard of our mind and heart with  the knowledge of who God is and all He can do.   when we forget God our faith becomes dull and we doubt and forget and become burdened by fears and worries – forgetting to fix our eyes upon God and trusting Him.

– Remember – THEN – faith leads us to pray and worship and surrender and to have more faith and trust.  when we have faith we are more ready to pray because we trust God to move and are expectant of His intervention.

– only God can satisfy a thirsty sou.

– in the barrenness and wilderness and desert of hard times, when life is pressing in on all sides, and we are tired and worn out in our heart – THIS is the time to remind ourselves of who God is and that He is the one who gives us rest and hope and who satisfies us and has all the answers.  the answer may be to wait and to be transformed and to have hope even in the desert, but we can be assured that God is with us at all times and in all places and that He will bring the breakthrough.

You are my God. Show me what you want me to do, and let your gentle Spirit lead me in the right path.  Psalm 143:10

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into clarity…. It turns problems into gifts, failures into success, the unexpected into perfect timing, and mistakes into important events. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today and creates a vision for tomorrow.  Melodie Beattie


316.  that my son has a hunger to read The Word and copy The Word out.  he is 7 and has begun with 3 John.  i am praying this will be his new “it thing” for a while.  i have been praying that he will have a hunger for The Word and its truth and all it reveals about who God is.

317.  answered prayer!

318.  the freedom to be myself – to serve God as myself – to love my family as myself – to live as myself.

319.  putting the christmas tree up!  fun family time!

320.  our housegroup are beating the rush and having our christmas party this week – i love our housegroup and i love our christmas parties!  desset, sharing, caring, laughing, mocking, presents.

321.  unexpected encouragement.

322.  psalm 143.  beautiful.

323.  homemade chicken burgers with bacon :o)  yum

324.  new friends and God connections

325.  caleb had his photo in the local newspaper.  he was involved in a special photography assignement and spent a day a month ago taking digital photos at a local historical park, which was turned into an exhibition at the local art gallery.  for me it is a testimony of how God works in a life and a family and how we should pray and not give up and how God tempers a heart and gives confidence.

326.  confidene – a life lived out with faith – quote from church sunday night

327.  churches coming together – last week our church hosted a combined churches prayer meeting and then two of us combined on sunday night for our young adults service – we had their pastor preach in our pulpit and he brought some of his young adults and afterwards, as we usually do, most of us went out for dinner.  good times.  good connections made.  just awesome though to get churches excited and together.

328.  my new seedlings – i’m not a gardener at all, but last week brought some flower seedlings and some vege ones – my husband and kids are the gardeners…

329.  the book of Hosea.  beautiful.  esp loved Hosea 2.

330.  it may seem a silly thing, but cool that Sound of a Soft Breath devo page on facebook has 300 people in it – wow – that is just cool – 300 of us from all around the world, different ages and stages, being encouraged together to know God and hear his voice and love him!

331.  finding the lost school uniform jumper!

332.  that evangeline can write her name :o)  and the awesome art work she is making at kindy :o)

333.  good friends who walk close beside in life.

today – as you think about what you’re grateful for, share your gratefulness with those who have blessed you… it may be a friend – tell them how much you appreciate who they are and how they have blessed you – or a shopkeeper that helps you find the exact right christmas present – thank them and let gratefulness spill over….  today your gratefulness may be balm on a hurting heart and may demonstrate the love and grace of God…


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