you know, we can trust God with our hearts. we can trust that he is God and mighty. we can trust that he sees and he knows.

we can trust that he is with us.

God makes all things new. he forgives and makes us holy. he transforms us from what and who we are into the beautiful character of his son.

he is the God of new beginnings, who makes a way where there seems no way, who brings comfort and hope to those drowning in hopelessness.

God is with us. he was with us in the most powerful way – he came, Jesus, and dwelt with humanity.

do you know that Romans 8 says that because God so freely gave his son, to die on the cross, to be crushed for our sin, that we can be confident and assured that he will do more than we can imagine, that he is for us, not against us, that his love is everlasting. we can turst God.

do we worry if God loves us? do we worry if he hears us? do we worry if he is far away? these are things we DONT need to worry about – because his bible says that he loves us so much that he sent his son as hte perfect sacrifice so we can now be acceptable, and that we now can come boldly into his real presence and that he lives within us and will never leave us.

this is why i worship God.

even in the darkness and darkest times – he is with us and for us and all i need.  even in the hard places when i hurt, he is all i need.

because i trust Him and he is all i trust him to be.

he is all i need.