okay i confess when i read the beginning of the book of numbers and the passage that follows i am semi reading blah blah blah blah… its numbers and tribes and families and east and west and positions and things i cannot imagine in my brain.  i cannot picture where they are and what they are doing.

The LORD told Moses and Aaron how the Israelites should arrange their camp:Each tribe must set up camp under its own banner and under the flags of its ancestral families. These camps will be arranged around the sacred tent, but not close to it.  numbers 2:1-2

so imagine my delight and my *happy dance* when i saw this (this below) for the first time….

the israelite tribes arranged themselves, according to the orders of God, into the shape of A CROSS!


the cross was foreshadowed even in numbers 2!

i must say i get excited by that.  you might think that it is random, but remember who organised the israelite tribes into this formation… God.  it was all a picture of the truth of salvation through the messiah, through Jesus Christ.

Israel did everything the LORD had told Moses. They arranged their camp according to clans and families, with each tribe under its own banner. And that was the order by which they marched into battle. Numbers 2:34